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Laminate Flooring

GMC's laminate products are inherently good environmental choices in floor covering. Engineered to last, laminate offers a long life span that minimizes replacement. And while it simulates the upscale look of a natural product like an exotic hardwood or natural feel, the actual material isn't used and the natural resource preserved

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Flooring Accessories

Colour-coordinated flooring acceesories are the ideal supplement to installing laminate flooring from the Swiss Floor 2013 Collection and the GMC range.rnrnYou can find more than 80 colors to choose from

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Artificial Grass

GMC's Artificial Turf offers a variety of artificial grass for Landscaping. The products demand very low maintenance and have a lengthy life span. The grass is made of yarns which are UV resistant and are soft to touch and feel. It will even fool your pets!! The advantages of having GMC's Artificial Turf leisure grass installed in your lawn are:

- Feels and looks like Natural Grass
Very little maintenance.
- Can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.
- Safe for Children and Pets.
- Long life span and remains green throughout the year.

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We have an array of wall to wall carpets for residential and commercial use. All rolls are of 4 m width. The fibers used are in-house extruded and only solution dyed